Ansacom has spent years establishing itself as one of the best telephone answering and telemarketing businesses in the UK. Our team has been answering calls on behalf of our clients for over 15 years, and we understand that great customer service is key to business success.

Whilst we continue our national growth in answering calls, we have identified that the next important phase in client response is through Digital Services:

If you are going to have Live Chat, if you post on Social Media and if you have a specific email address for your marketing, it’s vital that you have the people available to respond immediately.

Researchers audited over 2000 US companies investigating how much time they took to respond to a test-generated lead. The results are:

  • 37% of companies responded to the lead in an hour or less
  • 16% did not wait more than 24 hours to do the same.
  • 24% of companies took longer than the usual maximum of 24 hours
  • 23% of the companies participating in the study did not respond at all.

To sum up, the average response time for the companies who did decide to reply within 30 days was 48 hours. (source: Harvard Business Review)

Our call handlers are carefully selected to ensure that Ansacom provide the best service possible in all areas of client response.

Key Digital Services