A Managed Chat Service on your website will help you convert prospects and visitors into qualified leads.

Live chat software is something you’ll have noticed when you visit sites around the web, but you’ll also notice that when you use the chat box, you often have to wait a long time for a response, if one comes at all.

That’s where Ansacom and our new managed chat service comes in.

We use the latest chat software, then we design the chat-box itself in your corporate colours, then we back it up with our legendary managed chat service.

A human chat service.

We don’t use bots, we use humans to answer every single chat.

They are much better at having a chat with a prospect and bringing them nicely across the line to becoming a lead.

Trained chat handlers.

We take time to understand your business and train your dedicated handlers to the standards you’d expect from your own employees.

After a fact finding mission, we create a script and a set of answers to common questions your web visitors may ask.

But there’s more: once we have a live-chat in progress, our team is trained skilfully to bring the conversation to a close and get the visitor’s details. We then send you an entire transcript of the chat, so you can follow up and convert it to a sale.

Our chat-handlers are carefully selected to suit your business.

Ansacom is already recognised as a leading answering and telemarketing service in the UK. Our team has been answering calls on behalf of our clients for over 15 years, and we understand that great customer service is key to success.

Our live managed chat service is perfect for any website and is much loved by our telecom clients.

Contact us today.  Email sales@ansacom.co.uk.  Call 01892 616322