Ansacom has more than 15 years experience in providing a full range of telecommunications services, including telephone recovery, to companies across the UK. If your business experiences a crisis or disaster that leaves you without working telephones or an office base, it’s natural that you need to get it sorted out as soon as possible. We can offer a fast and effective solution to help you maintain control of the situation.

Telephone Recovery

For almost any company unanswered calls, for any reason, can mean lost business. Even just a short loss of service can cause big problems, so imagine the challenge if your business lost telecommunications for a day or even more.

We specialise in providing emergency overflow and switchboard call handling from our UK-based call centre, so if you do suffer a communication breakdown that means you can’t access your office or use the phones, contact Ansacom straight away.

Anything Can Happen

Unfortunately there are simply some situations that aren’t in your contingency plan. For example, there’s nothing much you can do if maintenance work accidently cuts your phone line or if your building suffers a fire or a flood that destroys a lot of the infrastructure. Of course, these are “worst case scenarios”, but they can and do happen.

Ansacom can function as a back-up for your phone systems if you suffer catastrophic problems at your office. We can talk you through diverting your telephone line from your telephone exchange or provider, thus allow my skilled and trained operatives to deal with any client calls.

Business Continuity

It’s vital that clients, customers, suppliers and employees can reach your business; if they can’t, it can do lasting damage to your reputation. Ansacom can help ensure you maintain business continuity. We can do everything, from dealing with customer enquiries to providing information on the loss of service. We answer the calls and ensure that your staff have all the information necessary to return calls once normal service is resumed. Most callers wont even know there’s been a problem.

Get in Touch

For more details on the services we offer or to discuss working with Ansacom you can call us today on 01892 616322 – a friendly member of the team will be delighted to chat through your requirements. If you would prefer to email you can reach us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team has extensive experience providing telephone recovery services, so if you need urgent assistance, we can help.