Voicemail – International

A number of our existing customers have recently asked if we provide a foreign language enquiry service.

Yes, we do, and here’s how it works:

You currently successfully sell a product, or service, within the UK and you decide to promote your Company across France, Germany, Italy and Spain for example. Alternatively, you already have a small ‘client base’ in those countries and would like to develop it.


1. Ansacom provides you with a telephone number which is local to the country/town of your choice

2. A new customer calls that line and is greeted with a message in their language saying that there isn’t anyone int he office to take the call, but they can either leave a message or press 1 to speak to the UK office.

3. a) They leave a message. This is instantly emailed to the translation department as an audio file (WAV). They translate the message and email you with the details
b) They press 1 to leave a message with the English office (Ansacom). We answer the call in persona and ask a number of pre-agreed questions to qualify the call and either transfer them to you or email you a message.