The Ones that Get Away

If you own or run a business it makes no difference what sector you’re in.  Every enquiry is a potential sales lead, and every missed call is a lost opportunity.

That’s not news to you, of course, but knowing it and being able to do something about it are not always the same thing.

Email enquiries can pose the same problem.  To a limited degree you can answer them at your leisure – although it’s advisable to respond on the day of the enquiry or at the latest within twenty-four hours. In any event, the receipt of every message should be acknowledged swiftly.

Phone calls demand fast and reactive treatment.  They may be the invention of a different age but they are as vital to your business now as they ever were.  The problem, and therefore an opportunity, is that they occur in real time and you only get one chance to capture them (as do your competitors).

Answer them, and the sales opportunity is yours.  Miss them, and they may be gone forever.

Accepted wisdom maintains that all business calls – from consumers and businesses alike – should be answered within three to five rings.  After that, many callers may give up.  Those that do persist may be subtly adjusting their impression of your company from dynamic and responsive to casual and indifferent.  Neither is a good outcome.

There’s another risk too.  Amidst the profound uncertainties the pandemic has created an unanswered call could suggest something even more serious. That’s not a narrative you want to encourage.

Constancy of response is not about willingness, it’s about resources.  Are you a sole trader, or running your office single-handed?  If so, it’s entirely impractical to think you can answer every call.  Even if you employ a receptionist or telephonist, what happens when they are at lunch, or on a break, or diverted to another duty?

These are some of the many situations in which Ansacom provides invaluable support.  Hundreds of businesses have already recognised the impossibility of catching every call and are now enjoying the immense benefits of an efficient, cost-effective service which can do just that.  Joining them is easy.

At Ansacom we employ an extensive team of highly trained and dedicated call handlers. They perform a range of functions from simple message taking and call transfer to answering detailed customer enquiries, order taking, appointment booking, and processing emergency maintenance issues and insurance claims.

This indispensable service comes at an extremely affordable price.  You can choose to have your calls answered as back-up, overflow, or first response from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. With rates starting from just £45 per month, including 15 free minutes of call time, that works out at £1.50 a day and you’re guaranteed the perfect telecoms safety net every day for less than the price of a coffee.

Put an end to thoughts of calls that got away. Let Ansacom help you catch them all.

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