Three vital features of a fantastic sales script

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If you are going to making sales calls to businesses and prospective clients, the first thing that you need is an effective sales script. The right script can make the difference between bringing in numerous new business leads and missing out on excellent opportunities. Here are three vital features that any cold calling or telemarketing campaign must feature:

1 – Adaptability

Of course you never want your sales script to be too rigid – there’s nothing that puts off a potential customer than feeling like they are talking to a robot. But aside from leaving room for improvisation, it is also essential that your script should be ready to adapt depending on who you are talking to. You could find yourself pitching to a Marketing Manager, a Head of Sales or a Managing Director – and the features and benefits that you want to emphasise will vary drastically for each of these people. So it can be a great idea to have a plan in place for every scenario.

2 – The cut to the chase

Firstly, it’s important to point out that your sales script should never waste time. It might seem like a good idea to exchange pleasantries and to attempt to humanise yourself, but don’t forget that this is a business call, and if someone is busy with work, you had better have a good reason for interrupting them (not just to ask them how their day is going). Get to the point and introduce your product or service. It’s also important to be as specific as possible – talk up your product as soon as you can.

3 – The right questions

Questions are a valuable weapon in the arsenal of the sales caller but it’s very important to use them in the right way. For example, you never should never ask a question that leads into a dead answer: “Your business sells office stationery. Is that right?” Instead try to ask open-ended questions where the person on the phone can give you an answer with information, you can then work off their answer in a way that is natural – the call should always feel like an organic conversation, rather than you trying to reach a specific line in a script.

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