4 tips for more effective cold calls

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Some people dread the idea of cold calling, but you don’t need to fear it. Just as with any kind of marketing activity, your cold calls will have a far better chance of success if you have a plan of action. Here are four tips for more effective cold calls.

Have a script

It is absolutely essential that you should have a script to follow when you get through to someone. Working without a script can cause you to lose your place or forget crucial details, and this could ultimately be a deal breaker. However, it’s also worth noting that your script needs to feel like it isn’t a script. That might sound ridiculous, but if a customer feels like they are just being read a pre-written set of statements, they will switch off. Your script should flow and allow for improvisation if it is going to be successful.

Get to the point

Do you have time to waste? Do you think your potential customer does? No-one likes wasting time and if you spend too long getting to the point of your call, not only are you needlessly wasting your time, you are also in danger of turning people off to your product or service. Get to the point as soon as you can without being abrupt – if they are interested you will be able to tell and spend some time cultivating the rest of the conversation. If they are not interested then you don’t need to waste their time or, crucially, yours.

Consider a custom script for VIP customers

It’s natural that some calls will be more valuable to you than others – perhaps you are calling people who have used your services or products before. For such VIP customers it worth’s having a separate script that takes into account their status.

Follow up the good leads

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Some people have a tendency to focus too much simply on leads when what they should be concerned with is conversions. Getting 100 leads counts for nothing if none of those leads ultimately convert. You need to remember that ultimately it is a case of quality over quantity. Don’t assume that interested leads are going to convert – make it happen! Follow up the calls and ensure that you make a sale even if means you take time away from the usual schedule of new calls to prospective customers.

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