Customer Satisfaction Surveys

There’s no better way of finding out what your customers really think, and knowing what you are doing well or could be doing better, than asking them and acting on the information that they give you.

Often this can result in key ideas that your clients have about your business that you had never thought of.

Market Research and Perception Surveys

Market Research Surveys help you access critical key information and features, such as desirable product/service attributes, likelihood of using a specific product/service, intended frequency of use, effectiveness of marketing or advertising strategies, and the extent to which a product/service adequately meets the needs of a target group.

The information gathered during this process allows you to better assess market size, market needs, and the strategy you should adopt to meet customer needs.  Market Research has other uses as well, such as to clarify or communicate product or service offerings to a target market.

The correct administration of a survey can build a solid foundation for decision making that will help you develop sound organisational strategy. When developing a market research survey, some of the key issues that could be addressed include:

– What are the identifying features of a target market?
– What product/service features are most appealing to the target market?
– What are the purchasing intentions of the target market?
– Why is a product or service important to the customer group?
– Are we effectively communicating the value of the product/service to consumers?
– Will consumers use our products in the quantity and manner we anticipate?
– Where is the target market most densely populated?

By ensuring you ask the right questions, you get the data you need.