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Free Trial

Try our telephone answering free trial – 7 days of call answering at no cost

Telephone Answering Free TrialWe’re sure that, like hundreds of other companies, you’ll see the benefit that a personal telephone answering service can bring to your business.

But the best way to be sure is to give it a go, and to make it easy for you we’ll let you try the service completely free of charge for 7 days.

We’ll set up your service to suit your business needs and handle all your diverted calls free of charge for one week.

At the end of that period we give you a full analysis of your calls and what it would have cost you. We’ll also recommend the best package for you but of course you will have absolutely no obligation to take the service.

What have you got to lose?

Try it now. Call us on 01892 616322!

Alternatively you can order your telephone answering free trial by completing our customer information form online.

Free Trial FAQS

Q. How easy is it to set up?

A. When we put together the brief for your business we will establish the types of lines and systems that you have. Then we will work out the most cost effective, quickest and easiest way to facilitate the divert.  The setting up of a script can take between 20 minutes and 3 days depending on the complexity of the calls.

Q. Can I have the free trial when I am on holiday?

A. The free trial needs to be completed prior to any holiday or business trips so that you can experience the service and iron out any possible issues that may occur during your absence. Then you can leave and be confident with the way we are handling business during your well deserved break.

Q. How long can I have a free trial for?

A. The free trial is for one week. Experience tells us this is the right length of time for you to find out how much difference a phone answering service can make to your business.

Q. How do I get my phones to ring in your office?

A. By using call diversion on your telephone line, requested from your telephone service provider. This allows you to either key in a code to automatically transfer calls or, depending on the type of line you have, the diversion may have to be done at the exchange or with VOIP and Hosted Systems they will be diverted through the computer. We will of course give you full assistance with this process. Rest assured that you are in control of this at all times.

Q. What happens after the trial?

A. We will provide you with an analysis of the calls we have taken during that week and produce a report showing the amount that it would have cost you over a year using that week as an example. When it is displayed as the salary you would have to pay a member of staff to answer the calls you will be amazed just how cost effective using a phone answering service really is. Especially considering the hours that are covered

Q. How long do we sign up for and is there a minimum term?

A. If you decide to continue with the service there is no minimum term, although we suggest 3 months to start. There is then a calendar month’s notice each way to terminate the service.

Q. Is there a contract we have to sign?

A. No contract just our terms and conditions and an order form.